2012 Churchill Birthday Dinner

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From the Times Picayune, December 12, 2012:
Nell Nolan, Social Columnist

The Churchill Society of New Orleans’ annual Birthday Dinner Honoring Sir Winston Churchill took place in the New Orleans Country club, launched with musical levity by pianist Jimmy Maxwell. then it was on to a duel under the oak. Well, that’s what it looked like when guests moved to the founder’s Room for a fencing exhibition by Andrew Stout and Richard Exnicios (Tulane Fencing Club coaches), whose en garde activity was played out in front of a huge window overlooking the club’s centuries-old oak tree. Stephen Chesnut was enlisted as the referee.

After a hearty hand for the fencers, the society’s set lifted shiny silverware for the delicious dinner of turtle soup, Bibb lettuce salad, Angus beef filet and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Notables included Churchill Society President J. Gregg Collins with spouse Joan Malter-Collins, Treasurer Bill Reeves with Sally, Secretary Ted martin with Louise, herschell Abbott (who does a fine Churchill imitation) and Anne, John Bullard with Catherine Burns Tremaine (who hosted the launch of Debra Shriver’s book, “In the Spirit of New Orleans” at her lovely home), Orlan and Shirley Trusty Corey, Donald and Kathleen Theriot, Dr. Phillip and Mary helen Schaeffer, Hill Riddle Jr, Wendel and Betsy Stout, Honorary Swiss consul Alexandra Mora and Walter Wolf, Dr. and Mrs. kenneth Addato, Lois and jay Van Kirk, Richard and mary McConnell, Anne and James Morse, Lisa Slatten, Patricia Strachan, Ren and Andrea Wilkes, and Dr. Ollie and karen Edmunds, recent first-time grandparents, thanks to little Julian Edmunds.